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Wedding Vendor - P N Gadgil & Co.

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Title: P N Gadgil & Co.

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Description: We are manufacturer & seller of Gold, Silver & Diamond jewellery, Sixth generation in the business since last


P N Gadgil & Co.

It was 1832. Sangli, a restful town near Pune was a showpiece of Peshwa culture, tradition and prosperity. Gold was sold out of baskets. By people sitting serenely by the roadside. At the astonishing rate of Rs 15 per 10 gms.

Ganesh Narayan Gadgil was a product of these times - a time of genteel living, and cultured comport. He was also a man of genius - he understood the timeless value placed upon pure, exquisitely crafted jewellery. He was a man with vision. He set out not merely to become a jeweller, but to craft masterpieces that would be passed down from generation to generation.

And he succeeded. He founded Purushottam Narayan Gadgil. He sold the purest of gold and silver, moulded lovingly into designs that told their own saga. And the people loved it! Every owner became a proud participant in a sotry that is now almost folklore.

The Raja of Sangli bestowed upon the Gadgils the title of Ratnaparkhi (The King of Jewels) and the family continues to hold that title even to date! The Gadgil family also founded the Sangli Saraf Association. They've been Presidents of the same since its inception.

After well over a century of extraordinary success PNG shifted base to Pune. In 1958, PNG marked a niche for itself on Pune's Laxmi Road. This was the beginning of a period of unprecedented growth. The PNG customer base rapidly expanded. Succesive generations of Gadgils catered busily and happily to the most precious aspirations of successive generations of loyal customers. Six generations of Gadgil family worked ceaselessly to take PNG from strength to strength. From 1974 to 1995 the Gadgils were Presidents of the Pune Saraf Association. Since 1995 they've been Presidents of the All Maharashtra Saraf Mahamandal. The Gadgil family has played a significant role in bringing the jewellers of Maharastra under one umbrella to ensure a greater common good for all.

The most enduring bonds are hewn out of honesty, integrity, trust, value, beauty, and love. The Gadgil story stands testimony to it.

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