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Description: Any modern wedding is incomplete if you haven't thought about a theme. A well thought out theme helps guests remember the wedding for a long time to come.


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Today, weddings apart from following the traditional norms, are celebrated on such a large scale that event not only becomes memorable for the bride and groom, but also for all those sharing their joyous moments with them.

It is rather natural then, to look for someone who would personally and professionally manage the entire event for you-right from the conceptualisaton to the final outcome. What a relief it would be indeed, if someone would take all the responsibility right from the invitation cards to the ‘vidaai’ so that you can sit back and enjoy the feel of our little one having grown up enough to get married.

With a very creative, professional, talented team and strong network, we can provide services that take care of the minutest of details of the wedding and all the functions related to the same. Promoted by Ritesh Kumat, DreamWeddingsIndia has representation and presence in major cities of India and has its H.O. at Indore. We have made it virtually possible for the hosts to walk in as guests at their own function.

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